Pro Touch Tennis Academy

From its establishment in 2007, Pro Touch Tennis Academy (PTTA) has evolved to provide a professional coaching program for beginners to advanced whatever your age. PTTA is situated in multiple locations in Eastern Melbourne.
Our highly trained coaches deliver these programs using the most up to date knowledge, technology and equipment. To achieve these goals all coaches work as a team under the direction of Andrew Marshall catering for all ages, beginners to the most advanced in a fun and rewarding environment. Whether it be starting your tennis career through groups lessons with modified equipment, including low compression balls and smaller courts to developing your game through squad coaching and private lessons to take your tennis to the next level. All programs conducted at PTTA are specifically designed to help develop the skills, techniques and tactics for all tennis players.

Junior Programs

The progressional pathway for junior students within a group format in a fun, safe, rewarding environment.

Red Stage

…The well structured beginners introduction to tennis.

Age: Up to 5 years old.
Duration: 30 minute lessons.

Lessons are conducted on a mini court with modified balls and racquets to enhance the success and development. Level concentrates on fundamental motor skills such as throwing, catching as well as specific tennis movements. The development of the basic techniques of a swing and recognition of major strokes such as forehand, backhand, volley and serve. Progression into rallies on the modified court and positioning and scoring is a major focus.

Orange Stage

…A more developed beginners lesson in the basic fundamentals of tennis.

Age: 5 – 9 years old.
Duration: 45 minute lessons.

The progression from the Red stage using modified equipment including low compression balls as well as a three-quarter court. Players will learn more advanced techniques of all shots including ground strokes, volleys and serves, progressing towards rallying using all strokes on a full court. Players learn to respond to ball height, depth, speed and bounce, resulting in the students development of consistently achieving improved positioning of incoming shots. Doubles and singles play will be covered as well as an understanding of scoring and court positions.

Green Stage

…The progression to a full court.

Age: 9+ years old.
Duration: 45 minute lessons.

The next stage of a players development, using the full court and modified balls to enhance the player’s tactical awareness through shot selection, advancing and refining techniques to develop different spins and shot direction for a player through point play and extended rallies. The emphasis is on developing the players understanding of the game tactics and movement patterns.


*Once student are competent at the green stage, students will progress into a yellow ball lesson. When this stage has been reached further options such as private lessons or squad lessons will be reviewed with player, coach and parents.

Junior Development Squad

Age: Open Age (Standard based).
Duration: 60 minute lessons.

This squad is open to all ages, however, is based upon those players who are keen on advancing through into beginning competition tennis. All pupils in this squad have developed a solid technique, good tactical awareness and are being introduced into building a fitness base, mental training and match specific situations.

Age: Open to all ages.
Duration: 30, 45 or 60 minute lessons.

The best way for fast improvement, giving the coach and student the best opportunity to isolate all areas of the game no matter the individual’s previous experience or standard. These sessions will compliment any group or squad session for player development. Students can enroll for a term or book in at their convenience as well as having an option for a semi-private lesson (two or more students).

Advanced Squad

Age: 15+ (Standard based).
Duration: 90 minute lessons.

Open to all ages for those players that are totally committed to their tennis and want to further improve their competition tennis and take the next step into tournament play. All areas of training are covered to continue to improve every aspect of a players game. Specific focus on reducing the gap between strengths and weaknesses, mental toughness and developing an ability to recognize and counteract any variables happening during a match situation. This is delivered via high-intensity sessions including drills and match play.

Private Lessons

Age: Open Age (Standard based).
Duration: 90 minute lessons.

This squad is also open to all ages, however, is appropriate for players who are keen on taking their game to the next level within a competition standard. In this squad, all players focus on more than just improving technique but also develop a weapon, point by point routine and a tennis-specific fitness base all within high-intensity drills and match play scenarios.

Adult Lessons


Adult Lessons are currently being restructured. Please bear with us until they are up again on the website. For any questions contact Andrew Marshall or Holy Saviour directly via email or phone for any inquiries.

Pricing & Enrolment

Please contact Andrew Marshall with any enquiries regarding pricing and enrolment.

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